Cocktail Recipe Sharing iOS Application

Concept + UI/UX Design + Web/APi/iOS Development

The Idea

Sippd is a craft cocktail recipe app that lets users discover, share, collect, and comment on recipes. Vital Dynamx worked to iterate on the concept and come up with a product development and growth plan built around social commerce and a community of craft cocktail enthusiasts and mixologists.

The Result

Vital Dynamx was responsible for the full application lifecycle which initially started with wireframing, UI/UX design, prototyping, and finally managing the design feedback loop with test users. After making adjustments from user feedback, API development with a backend Ruby on Rails web administrative component was completed. Currently iOS development is ongoing with a scheduled Spring 2017 release.

Color Palette


Primary Font

Keron ( Bold, Light )

Secondery Font

Proximanova ( Bold, Regular, Light )

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails 4.2.5
HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript 1.8.5
Swift 2.2
Amazon RDS
Elastic Beanstalk | AWS