XCell Science

BioTech Website & Content Management System with eCommerce

UI/UX Design + Web Development

The Project

XCell Science is a biotechnology company that was looking for both a complete website redesign and reogranization of their content as well as an easy way to manage all their products and pages. They also wanted to streamline a mostly over the phone product ordering process.

The Solution

Vital Dynamx worked with XCell Science’s management team to develop an information architecture, feature set, and brand new UI/UX direction. We built a custom content management system for the XCell Science team to self manage all their content from research papers to images to product and services pages. Also developed were full eCommerce capabilitie to handle product orders and fulfilment. The entire website is mobile and tablet responsive.

Color Palette


Primary Font

Essonnes ( Display Bold, Text Bold, Text Regular )

Secondery Font

Montserrat ( Semibold, Medium, Regular, Light )

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails 5.5.1
HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript 1.8.5
MySQL 5.7
Heroku | AWS